Finally a moisturizer that doesn't break me out!

What more can I say, light and non-greasy this product does what it is supposed to do, moisturize!

Wind burn days...

I am outside in the wind very often and the Daily Moisturizer is perfect when the elements have gotten the best of me. It leaves my skin soft to the touch and does not feel oily or sticky. A little goes a long way so it lasts a long time


Not too heavy, no smells and it lasts ALL day. No need to reapply. I love love this moisturizer.


I'm so amazed by this moisturizer! It's the perfect amount of moisture for my face and neck without the greasy feeling that some lotions and moisturizers leave. It doesn't take very much of the product daily, so the bottle has lasted me a couple of months.


I absolutely love this product and use it everyday before applying my makeup. It is light, non greasy and works great. Best moisturizer ever purchased.


I love this moisturizer! Its so nice and light.


I did not realize how much moisture my face needed,

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