love love love

At first I thought I was to busy for the 15 min, now I can't wait for my 15 min, I've gotten use to, and love the results I'm seeing that I look forward to my time with the mask, I use it as my 'meditation' time!
Absolutely in love with this product and the results!


I have used the Mask for the past 8 months. My skin has a tendency to get very red. I find after using the mask that it calms down my skin and it has a nice even glow to it. Even some scars have become less noticeable. I get more compliments about my skin after I've worn the mask. My routine is to use it at night before I go to bed. It actually helps me calm down as it addresses inflammation and promotes relaxation. I've been known to fall asleep before the 15 minute timer goes off :)


15 Minutes of Heaven is what i call my mask time. My very angry 11's look so much less angry as well as the forehead = lines. Thank you Retro Co.


I am in LOVE with my Fast Facial Mask! 15 minutes of me time each day and after just a few weeks friends were asking what I was doing different.

This mask is easy to use and the results are AMAZING! Thanks retro co. I love looking 5 years younger.


This mask is my best friend! I have seen my face get tighter and the wrinkles minimized. Not to mention the 15 minutes is sooooo relaxing. LOVE the results with this mask - because of my results my husband started using it!

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